We create unique food & drink experiences for you and your loved ones

We specialise exclusively in Athens food tours, offering you an immense variety to choose from.
We don’t compromise on quality and tailor all our experiences to your wants and needs.
We proudly partner only with small businesses and artisans that promote the local food culture.

Who are we

We are a local travel agency promoting Greece as a food travellers destination.
We design authentic Athens food tours and drink experiences that go beyond the plate. 
We share stories of our city, connected with the Greek culture and tradition.
We are ambassadors of the local gastronomy & masters of the Greek hospitality. 
We always strive to optimise the quality and diversity of our experiences.
We create interactive, multi-sensory and memorable experiences.
We value sustainable tourism and support the local community.

Why we love our job

We greatly enjoy our fun times together, celebrating the local gastronomy with our Athens food tours. 
We make real connections happen, between travellers and locals.  
We do good. We support the local businesses that stand out for their passion. 
We learn with you every day and dive deep into the Greek food culture.
We make people fall in love with Athens and make the most of their travel.
We feel like travellers in our own city, always looking for new, inspiring ideas.  
We love seeing your happy faces and big smiles after our time together. 
We get inspired by you. You make us want to become better every day. 
We stay in contact with you and sometimes we get to see each other again. 

How it all started

My extreme love for food & wine took me to travels all around Greece to explore the local gastronomy of near and far destinations.
Worked in Greek tourism for many years, but soon decided to follow my desire to showcase the true local food culture to travellers by creating unique food tours.
What strongly motivated me to follow my path was an “injustice” happening again and again.
The fact that many travellers visited Greece without actually experiencing any of the rich and diverse gastronomy of the country.
Travellers who would come from the other side of the world, only to dine in tourist traps that do not do any justice to the local food culture.
I HAD to fix this. I soon started to show travellers the authentic side of Athens to fully immerse themselves into our culture through Athens food tours. 
At the same time, I felt the need to actively support the amazing community I fell in love with and was becoming part of.
All the Greek small businesses, locals and artisans that stand out for their passion and ethos.
Loving my job more and more each day is what keeps me true.
Seeing travellers experiencing magical moments makes me want to become better every time.
Thank you for honouring us with your choice.  
We look forward to seeing you soon!
Marina Tsikou

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