Fine dining in Athens has never been better! Unique Athens, the capital of Greece, offers a diverse and vibrant gastronomic scene that combines traditional Greek flavors with modern culinary innovation. For a premium gastronomic experience in Athens, you can explore upscale restaurants that showcase the best of Greek and international cuisine.

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Here are some of our recommendations for fine dining in Athens for you to experience the rich flavors of Greek cuisine in an elegant setting:

1. Varoulko Seaside: Located in Mikrolimano, Varoulko Seaside is a Michelin-starred restaurant known for its exquisite seafood dishes. The restaurant offers a stunning seaside view, and the chef, Lefteris Lazarou, is renowned for his innovative approach to Greek cuisine.

Chef Lazarou and his team have created a menu with dishes out of the finest raw materials from Greece that exude ingenuity and are based on their love for fish, seafood and our local taste. Primitively by implementating elite techniques and concomitantly using only the freshest ingredients, the result cannot be anything less than effortless tastiness.


photo credit: varoulko

2. Hytra: Another Michelin-starred restaurant, Hytra, is located at the Onassis Cultural Centre. It offers modern Greek cuisine with a creative twist. The restaurant has both a fine dining area and a rooftop terrace with panoramic views of Athens.

Hytra’s gourmet menu emerges from the memory of authentic Greek flavours combined with contemporary techniques and modern aesthetics. Paying attention to detail in their plating transforms every dish from mere sustenance to an exquisite art form. The visual impact of carefully crafted plates can enhance the flavors and textures of any dish, creating a complete sensory experience.


photo credit: hytra

3. Soil: A beautiful two-floor neoclassical building, constructed in 1925, was destined to be its home in Pangrati, located in the centre of Athens, exactly behind the Panathenaic Stadium. At Soil eating is more than a meal; it’s an holistic gastronomic experience.

The journey to this starts from the Chef’s -Tasos Mantis- private garden at Alepochori village (near Athens) where he nurtured his strong bond with nature. Keeping a sustainable approach, only hand-picked biological herbs,vegetables and exceptional Greek produce are used to highlight the exquisite tastes of creative Greek cuisine. Soil’s earthy philosophy, the well-balanced food and the perfect service make eating at Soil a unique experience.

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4. Makris: Deriving from the ancient name of Corfu where the restaurant began its culinary journey in 2018, Makris continues its award-winning course now in Athens, in a magnificent building, in the historic distric of Thisio, right opposite from the ancient market and the Acropolis. Enjoy a multidimensional mosaic of flavors and history within its spaces that innately highlight Greece’s food culture.

In Makris, Chef Patron Peter Dimas is a true master of flavors. His dexterity and high aesthetics help in creating gastronomic ensembles that transcend the limits of imagination. Astonishing combinations, harmonious contrasts, unusual and multi-layered textures offer unexpectedtly balanced dishes included in its special menu leading to a premium gastronomic experience.


photo credit: makris

5. Pelagos: As the name indicates, in Pelagos, the Greek word for sea, their inspiration is drawn from its perpetual nature to create magnificent dishes sourced from the best of seasonal produce around the Mediterranean. Would you prefer to enjoy your dinner inside a lavish cruise ship look-alike?

Visit Pelagos and be stunned by amazing Greek cuisine with a modern twist while overlooking the Athenian Riviera. Awarded chef Luca Piscazzi put together an astonishing menu paying attention to precise execution making Pelagos part of the the Michelin Guide.


photo credit: theMindset

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