The Athens nightlife has long been enjoyed by locals and tourists for its buzzing vibes till late at night – or early in the morning. But now, more than ever, Athens is featured on the list with the most fun-loving capitals of the world and we collected our best bars in Athens for your eyes only! 

Athens proved itself to be more than just a history and culture destination. As born and bred Athenians, we give you this local tip: Explore all the sights, museums and the Acropolis during daytime, but save some energy to enjoy Athens nightlife, following high-spirited locals in their quest for good times in the city!

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The new Athenian bar scene

Athens’ bar scene started booming during the years of recession for various reasons. Among others, an increasingly eager crowd looking for quality options worth their value. In the same time, a new creative energy was unleashed. Bartenders and bussinesspeople sought to offer a fine drinking approach, experimenting with new ingredients and techniques, following world bar trends.

Athens at night offers now endless options to choose from. Each bar has its own personality, making sure you find your own favourite, whether you’re in search of a luxurious rooftop bar with Acropolis view or an alternative joint in a bohemian neighbourhood, hidden in plain sight. We have created this list to help you find the best bars in Athens.

Athens in the top 100 list

Athens is now home to internationally-awarded bars. Among the 100 best bars in the world “Baba au Rum”, “The Clumsies”, “Line” and “Barro Negro” stand out!


Baba au Rum

This bar is the shrine for everything around rum, while the owner has been voted as one of the most influential people in the world bar industry. Baba Au Rum approaches cocktail culture with a totally different point of view. A must-try is their signature cocktail including umami daiquiri with vanilla, sweet serry, oak, lime, basil and natural botanical notes based on rum from the Dominican Republic.

The Clumsies

The aspiring team behind it managed very quickly to feature their business inside the top 10 of the world’s best bars in Athens, raising the bar (pun intended) year after year. Inside the charming old residence turned into Athens’ most popular bar, they experiment constantly in their lab and even offer their signature cocktails in to-go bottles for boozing at home.


Line draws its inspiration from the dynamic and natural journey of fermentation, based in the seasonality of produce and the notion of sustainability. In Line, they only work with small Greek producers while emphasizing on undiscovered ingredients and processing to produce their own unique fruit ‘wines’ and craft beer.

Barro Negro

In Barro Negro they know their Tequila and Mezcal! Two passionate friends and bartenders decided to share their love for agave spirits with Athenians and the world. They travelled around Mexico and back for more than a few times with one mission only- to explore the history and culture behind their beloved spirits and introduce it to us in the best way possible.

Our favourites with a staggering view

Cocktails with a view? We’ve got you covered! Where else in the world you have the chance to admire one of the wonders of the world and sip a great cocktail? Around the historic centre, you find many rooftops and terraces to get 360° views of the city and the Acropolis.

Couleur Locale

Among the city’s hidden gems and one of the trendiest rooftop bars in Athens, Couleur Locale lies in the quaint arcade of Normanou Street in Monastiraki. During the day, you can try out their unique brunch ideas, paired with your Greek-style iced coffee, the freddo, while enjoying the view of the Acropolis. At nights and on Sundays, starting in the afternoon, their list of exotic cocktails is accompanied with jazz, soul, funky and rock’n’roll music played by different DJs. Regularly, multiple events and outdoor parties are organised there, making it an ideal nightlife spot for young people.

Normanou 3, Monastiraki

A for Athens


Wondering where most of the famous pictures of the Acropolis behind Monastiraki station are taken from? This is the spot. A for Athens is a multi-level rooftop bar situated on the terrace of the homonymus hotel in the heart of the historic center in Monastiraki square and according to most one of the best bars in Athens. An ideal place to enjoy your breakfast in the morning or excellent signature cocktails at night. Its minimalistic design is set to upgrade the viewing experience. Emphasizing on Greek nutritious ingredients, they prepared a brunch and dinner menu that shows off all the local aromas and flavours.

Miaouli 2, Monastiraki

Hyper Astrobar

With Acropolis looming in the background, Hyper Astro Bar, a new entry all-day café and restaurant, offers creative dishes inspired by international cuisine. Taste traditional Greek salads with a twist, delicious appetisers with local ingredients and a fantastic brunch made with modern techniques. You can also choose your wine from their extensive wine list. Prefer cocktails? Their long list of signature cocktails is one of a kind! We specifically recommend you to try their “Cycladic symphony”, which is infused with a Greek spirit called Mastiha.

Athinas 2, Monastiraki

11+1 Best bars in Athens

The best thing about Athens nightlife is that you can find the best bars in Athens in short distance from one another. You can easily do bar hopping at night, as the city is safe to walk even during dark hours, and you don’t need to take any public transportation or taxi.

Athens is not only its centre. There’s a lively hub in every Athenian neighbourhood, so if you have more days and time for off-the-beaten adventures, check them out. Everywhere you’ll go, even to the most remote places, people are known for their warm hospitality and English speaking skills. 



photo credit: diego

Diego’s bar has been curated by the talented Vassilis Nikitas who has come up with a series of cocktails with exotic elements and balanced, intense flavors that are not easy to forget. The shop has much more depth than you might expect: a fruit bar on the left, shady and atmospheric corridors, an inner courtyard and a large circular bar in the center where the music plays even louder.

Adrianou 1, Thisseio

Blue Bird

The first bar to open in Ipitou Str., Blue Bird is an old school bar -among the best bars in Athens- that reminds us of something between a parisian bistro and a cuban bar in the center of Athens. During the first year of its operation it served spirits exclusively, but then the owner Skevi Erotokritos, decided to add a cocktail list. Here time slows down and you forget about everyday life stress and its fast pace, nostalgically reminding you of another era.

Ipitou 4, Syntagma



photo credit: noel

Noel makes us travel back in time! At Noel, on central Kolokotroni street, customers are welcomed as guests, in a warm atmosphere. A team of experts pooled their experience and created a bar/restaurant with unique style in this atmospheric arcade. The cocktail list is based on seasonal and Mediterranean ingredients. Special blends of coffee are served and the music is mainly Cafe Paris and gypsy jazz in the afternoons, jazz soul and funk in the evenings.

Kolokotroni 59B, Commercial Triangle

Tiki Bar

In Tiki summer never ends! This ethnic bar makes up for an exotic paradise in the heart of the city making it one of the best bars in Athens. Its bright colors, surfboards and uplifting music create a perpetually summery scene mixing in the most creative way tropical fruit and herbs from every corner of the earth with a variety of different liqueurs. It offers an amazing feel good aura that declares that here everyone is welcome.

Falirou 15, Koukaki

Upupa Epops

Housed in a low-rise, 1930s housing complex, it is clearly a neat space, with an artistic touch, warm colors, careful details and at the same time it is a place that you will immediately feel at home. Upupa Epops’s philosophy includes offering premium brands, but still managing to keep them accessible to everyone. They pay attention to using only fresh ingredients and when –in a few cases- they are not available garden-fresh in Greece, then they prefer using all the best quality purees without any preservatives.

Alkminis 7, Kato Petralona

Liar Man


photo credit: ipolizei

Housed in an old Athenian house, very well hidden in a quiet alley close to Keramikos station stands Liar Man. It gives off the feeling of old Athens with its cosy atmosphere, you instantly feel at home; everything is in favor of relaxing and having a good time in a vintage and at the same time urban setting that wins you over.

Sofroniou 2, Kerameikos

Ble Papagalos (Blue Parrot)

Located at Avdi Square of downtown Athens, Ble Papagalos is inspired by the history of Joe Blanket. This exotic birds collector from Cuba, travelled all over the world to find the elusive blue parrot. This ambient bar is another hidden gem of the best bars in Athens and we believe it will charm you with its retro decorations. Relish on their delicious drinks while the DJs spin some rare tracks in the background.

Leonidou 31, Metaxourgeio

Odori Vermuteria di Atene


Time for an apperitivo! Odori at once entered our list of the best bars in Athens, as from the hands of Manolis Lykiardopoulos and his team, you will enjoy some excellent botanical Vermouths and the tastiest Negronis. Of course, it’s more than that! Its friendly atmosphere makes it a must-visit all day bar of the center.

Skouleniou 2, Agion Theodoron Square

Juan Rodriguez Bar


photo credit: athenshotspots

If the neighborhood of Psyrri alone has the energy to set your senses in motion, then this speakeasy bar on Pallados street will stimulate them. Classy and majestic, atmospheric and mysterious, imposing and borderline seductive, it will take you by the hand, guide you through its attractions, challenge you to dance and taste – literally and figuratively – what it has to offer. Without a doubt, you will find delicious cocktails, from a list signed by the experienced Spyros Anagnostou that makes up for all tastes.

Pallados 3, Psyrri

It’s a Vilatz

Saint George’s square is here to stay! In the new hot spot for all Athenians we found a Vilatz inside the city; an all day space open to everyone with a welcoming smiling team of young people and a menu that surprises you with signature and classic suggestions such as their inspired “Square”, with aged rum, cranberry, blueberry, ginger and lime that is uniquely balanced between sweet and spicy.

Saint George’s Square 9, Kipseli

Six Dogs

Six d.o.g.s is one of the best bars in Athens pushing quality electronic music in Athens and the favorite place to hang out for fans of the underground techno scene. This highly avant garde locale, situated in the business center of Athens, is actually a day/all night cultural center that can host live gigs, performances, exhibitions, shows and parties. The cafe and bar are popular for the interesting cocktails and drinks and the menu is based on seasonal produce. 

Avramiotou 6-8, Commercial Triangle

A special bar in Athens

Jazz in Jazz


photo credit: jazzinjazz

The temple of jazz and whiskey lovers in Athens. A one of a kind bar that could easily be listed as Athens’ museum of jazz. Here there are more than 12.000 jazz records and 120 labels of whiskey and no wifi. It was founded in 1995, by Kostas Spanos, a sailor who while travelling discovered jazz music and rare records. At one point he docked in New Orleans and then he decided to quit his job to do something he truly loved.

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